New at FAIRLINE COTE D’AZUR... a partnership signed with NEOYOT
Self-finance the acquisition of your yacht!

The end of the year marks a new stage in the evolution of Lucker Yachts. We have just signed an unprecedented partnership with NEOYOT, a yachting 2.0 agency that is revolutionizing access to yachts.

A new mode of consumption is appearing in the world of luxury and a trend is currently developing all over the world and is gaining momentum: yacht subscription.
It opens the door to a new virtuous ecosystem: indeed, the high demand for subscriptions requires a substantial fleet of yachts.

Are you following us?
Imagine the acquisition of your next yacht as a profitable investment...
We propose a totally innovative offer, allowing you to reduce the cost of buying and using your future yacht, to sail at the best price!

- L'Idée -

How does it work? Here are some explanations ...

Profitability through subscriptions


You’ll self-finance your maintenance and financing costs by sharing your boat with 2 to 5 subscribers throughout the year. The system is governed by a digital application with a reservation system that regulates the time of use between you and the subscribers. As the owner, you have unlimited access with a higher priority than the other subscribers.


You don't have to worry about anything!


NEOYOT manages your operational service. You’ll forget about the constraints linked to ownership, you don't have to worry about anything, except getting away...
We’ll manage:
? The captain
? The maintenance of the boat
? Subscribers and their payment
? The payment of the invoices



What are the contractual guarantees offered?


NEOYOT commits to:
- To guarantee the necessary quantity of subscribers to ensure the self-financing of the yacht.
- To guarantee the rent of the subscribers in case of non-payment.
- To guarantee the resale of the yacht with a residual value determined at the time of purchase.






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