In early 2019, the new F//LINE 33 has emerged on the scene. A stunning combination of Fairline brand pedigree and refined Italian styling, it turns heads and makes hearts beat faster.

With Alberto Mancini design and British craftsmanship inside and out, it is destined to become a future classic and has been a hot topic of conversation since its launch.

The Mancini design language defines the F//LINE 33’s soul and spirit. The expansive foredeck and the luxurious cockpit. The innovative fold down transom and spacious lower deck. These elements place the F//LINE 33 firmly in the future. Inside, full-standing height ceilings and interior lighting replicating natural daylight provide the finishing touches.

"I believe that the F//LINE 33 is a real example of classic ‘60s car design shaped into a small yacht. We have achieved the best proportions possible within such an exciting, exhilarating design and sleek lines, but most importantly it incorporates the ability to not just be a crazy fast boat if required, but also one that you could spend a weekend and a short cruise with family to just enjoy the sea."

Alberto Mancini, AM Yacht Design

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